The BRALEP Company was founded in 1996 as a 100% Czech-owned family company. Initially, the production program was focused on a comprehensive flooring system, i.e. bonding primers, self-levelling materials, quick-setting sealants and floor covering adhesives. Gradually, the production schedule was extended to chemical products for construction, specifically for house painters, plasterboarders, bricklayers and tilers.

Since November 2007, BRALEP have been operating in a newly opened facility in Ledčice. The facility area of 1070 m2 features both the administrative section, including the training room, the inspection and development laboratory, and the production section where computer controlled dry mix technology was installed in June 2008. This allows for the production at the constant top quality at the world class level. Furthermore, the facility includes warehouses, one of them tempered, which guarantees the yearlong shipping of all products susceptible to temperature changes.

In 2017, the dry mix production technology was expanded to include additional mixing and filling equipment, and 10 silos for raw materials are now part of the technology. The wet technology has also been modernized with the addition of a larger volume mixing equipment, and the filling and weighing equipment that ensures higher production accuracy and speed.

The main BRALEP's goal is a happy end-customer.