TH 480 3 kg   (15020030)

TH 480 3 kg  (15020030)
Disperzní hydroizolace do interiéru
BRALEP TH 480, a pasty dispersion waterproofing compound, designed for the preparation of a waterproof substrate under tiles and paving in the interior. Suitable for plasterboard, porous concrete (e.g. Ytong) and other similar materials. Certified against pressurized water up to 0.2 MPa Wall and floor tiles can be glued with dispersion and cement adhesives. The material is permanently elastic, allowing overlapping of inactive cracks in the substrate.
Cannot be used as the topcoat layer.
DM type according to ČSN EN 14891:2012.

     Colour: blue
     Consumption: 1 kg/m2 / in 2 layers
     Set to light foot traffic: 2 - 5 hours
     Laying: in 24 hours
     Packaging: 3 and 12 kg