ZL 870 25 kg   (12580250)

ZL 870 25 kg  (12580250)
Fine self-levelling compound (microtechnology) for cement and concrete floors.
Fine self-levelling compound (microtechnology) for cement and concrete floors in dry indoor environments. Excellent flow, fast drying. Filled with special additives to increase the material insulating properties - reduces noise, increases the thermal insulation of floors. The levelling compound surface is firm, absorbent and smooth, suitable for laying hardwood floorings, PVC, CV, textile coverings and paving.
The substrate must be primed with a suitable type of BRALEP bonding primer.

Colour: grey
Consumption: 1.6 kg/m2/mm
Layer thickness: 0.5-10 mm.
Set to light foot traffic: 6-8 hours
Laying: in 24 hours
Water consumption: 6.5 litres/25 kg
Compression strength: 30 MPa, class C30
Tensile bending strength: 7 MPa, class F7
Packaging: 25 kg