HP 680 5 kg   (15100050)

Final hydrophobic coating for the porous materials.
Final hydrophobic coating for the porous materials (mineral plaster, concrete, sandstone, fence panels, etc.). Prevents water infiltration to avoid the infiltration of chemically active substances into treated materials; at the same time it does not prevent the material permeability. The coating is "invisible" after the application. It also serves as a liquid hydrophobic additive to mortars, paints, concretes, grouting mortars, etc. It reduces the formation of lime efflorescence.

     Consumption as mix additive:
          12 kg per 100 kg of dry mortar mixture.
     Consumption as hydrophobic coating:
          0.25 1.0 kg/m2
     Drying time: min 12 hours
     Packaging: 1, 5 and 10 kg