HI 2K 9 kg COMBI BALENÍ   (15040090)

HI 2K 9 kg COMBI BALENÍ  (15040090)
Flexibilní dvousložková hydroizolace
BRALEP HI 2K, a two-component, hydraulic curing waterproofing compound, designed for waterproof insulation of balconies, terraces, basements, swimming pools, tanks, bathrooms, building structures and cellars in both interior and exterior. Applicable to floors and walls before bonding ceramic tiles with cementitious C2-class adhesives, prior to plaster and paint application. It is highly flexible, meets the requirements of CSN EN 14891 standard, type CM O2. To be prepared by mixing the powder and dispersion mixture in a 2: 1 ratio.

     Consumption: approx. 1.5 kg/m2 per 1 mm layer
     Pot life: approx. 50 min.
     Laying tiles: in 24 48 hours.
     Packaging: 20 kg (dry ingredient), 10 kg (dispersion)
          9 kg (combi pack)