C 30   (Z12730000)

C 30  (Z12730000)
Frost-resistant fast curing concrete.
Frost-resistant fast curing concrete designed to produce screeds with rapid moisture loss and high initial strength. Suitable for indoor and outdoor uses. Ideal to elevate the substrate before pouring levelling equalizers. This can be performed using the accelerated BRALEP system when the levelling compound is poured out immediately after application of C 30 without the use of bonding primer. For thicknesses over 20 mm, it is recommended to add coarse sand to the fast-curing concrete.

     Colour: grey
     Grain size: 0 - 1 mm
     Consumption: 1.8 kg/m2/mm
     Layer thickness: 2 - 60 mm
     Set to light foot traffic: 30 - 90 minutes
     Laying: 24 hours (depending on the covering type)
     Water consumption: 2.5 - 4.5 litres / 25 kg
     Compression strength: 30 MPa, class C 30
     Flexural strength: 6 MPa, class F6
     Packaging: 7 and 25 kg

Product name
12730070 ks
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