RTN 5050   (Z12650000)

RTN 5050  (Z12650000)
Fibre reinforced levelling compound.
Fibre reinforced levelling compound for surface levelling of wood and concrete substrates in indoor dry environments. Prior to the application, the wooden substrate must be primed with the BRALEP PE 580 bonding primer and let dry for at least 24 hours. Fast-setting, high-strength. The levelling compound surface is suitable for laying all types of floor coverings, including parquet.
The substrate must be primed with a suitable type of BRALEP bonding primer.

     Colour: grey
     Consumption: 1.5 kg/m2/mm
     Layer thickness: 3 - 10 mm
     Set to light foot traffic: 3 - 5 hrs
     Laying: in 24 hours
     Water consumption: 7 litres / 25 kg
     Compression strength: 30 MPa, class C30
     Flexural strength: 10 MPa, class F10
     Packaging: 25 kg

Product name
12650250 ks