CP 1   (12810250)

High strength (C50)
For both interior and exterior
Frost resistant after drying
Excellent workability by hand and machine
Allows to create a smooth surface
Sand or pearlite can be added
Suitable also for wheelchairs and underfloor heating

Using BRALEP CP 1:
- to make a finish screed (bonding and floating) before applying the self-leveling screed
- to make a finish screed before direct laying of paving, parquet, wood floors, PVC, linoleum, carpet, etc.

Technical information:
- Layer thickness 2-60 mm. For layer thickness above 20 mm, CP 1 is recommended to be mixed with quartz sand with a grain size of 0-4 mm or 0-8 mm in a weight ratio of 3: 1 to 1: 1.
- Böhme abrasion resistance: A12
- Can be used indoors and outdoors
- Frost resistance coefficient 0.75
acc. to ČSN 72 2452 in 15 cycles
- Consumption 1.9 kg/m˛/1 mm
- Min. pot life 120 minutes
- Max. aggregate grain size 1.5 mm