OL 15 7 kg   (14150070)

OL 15 7 kg  (14150070)
High-quality cementitious adhesive.
High-quality cementitious adhesive suitable for bonding and smoothing the glass fibre mesh fabric, polystyrene cladding, as well as for bonding of wall and floor tiles containing absorbent, dense and sintered shards in interior and exterior. Designed for all absorbent mineral substrates, plasterboard, cement-gypsum boards, aerated concrete, waterproofing materials (TH 480, HI 180). C1T type pursuant to ČSN EN 12004+A1:2012, with reduced slip.

     Application: spatula C2, C4, C5
     Consumption: 2.5 - 6.3 kg/m2
     Pot life: 3 hours
     Pointing: in 24 - 48 hours
     Water consumption: 0.28 litres/1 kg
     Packaging: 7 and 25 kg