ROT 01 3 kg   (12710030)

ROT 01 3 kg  (12710030)
Quick-setting single-component cement-based repair putty.
Quick-setting single-component cement-based repair putty. Designed for repairing and levelling stairs, forming edges and gradients, filling holes, potholes, and deeper bumps in floors and ceilings of any layer thickness. For thicker layers sand can be added. For lightweight applications, perlite can be added. Suitable for interior and exterior. The putty can be well formed and smoothed. Other cementitious materials can be applied as soon as ROT 01 is walkable.
The substrate must be primed with a suitable type of BRALEP bonding primer.

     Colour: grey
     Consumption: 1.8 kg/m2/mm
     Set to light foot traffic: 1 - 2 hours
     Compression strength: 35 MPa, class C35
     Flexural strength: 7 MPa, class F7
     Grain size: 0 - 0.5 mm
     Laying: in 24 hours
     Water consumption: 0.24 - 0.26 litres / 1 kg
     Packaging: 3, 7 and 25 kg