HI 180 25 kg   (15810250)

HI 180 25 kg  (15810250)
A single-component hydraulically curing powder compound.
BRALEP HI 180, a single-component hydraulically curing powder compound is designed for waterproof insulation of bathrooms, shower enclosures, balconies, terraces, non-insulated houses and floors. Suitable for both interior and exterior. Not intended for permanent traffic and normal walking (laying of the final layer, paving, etc. is necessary if there is a risk of mechanical damage to the HI 180 layer).
Crystals preventing from ground moisture penetration are formed by the reaction of the components with the substrate, so it is also suitable for the insulation of damp basement premises. To be applied in two cross layers at a maximum height of 3 mm (use a reinforcing mesh for thicker layers). Waterproof in both directions. Certified against pressurized water up to 0.5 MPa (approx. 5 bar), which corresponds to a 50 metre water column. If the technological process is followed, suitable for insulation of the pools under the final paving, coating, etc.

     Colour: grey
     Consumption: 1.3 kg/m2/mm
     Set to light foot traffic: 12 hours
     Laying: 5 days
     Water consumption: 6.5 - 7.5 l / 25 kg
     Packaging: 3, 7 and 25 kg