GSCH 1200 1 kg   (11120010)

GSCH 1200 1 kg  (11120010)
Transparent sealing coating for dust-free finishing of concrete and cement floors.
Transparent sealing coating designed for dust-free finishing of concrete and cement floors in moderately to medium-loaded premises (cellars, workshops, corridors, garages) and various concrete elements (fences, outdoor concrete prefabricated elements, etc.). The coating is washable with water and detergents. It features good abrasion resistance. Chemical resistance: organic and inorganic acids, detergents and non-abrasive cleaners, brake fluid, engine oil, petrol (partially), coolant, ethanol, lyes.
The coating is smooth and glossy, easy to apply and can be renewed.

     Consumption: 100 g/m2 in one layer
     Drying time: max. 24 hours
     Packaging: 1 and 5 kg